Saturday, July 20, 2019
Medical Services

At the Women's First Choice Medical Center, we understand that a woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) may face some of the most difficult decisions she will ever make. We specialize in helping women get the information they need so they can make those decisions with confidence.

Every woman needs to have answers to three basic questions when considering her pregnancy options:

  1. Am I really pregnant?
  2. It is possible to have a postive pregnancy test and not have a viable pregnancy.
  3. If I am pregnant, how far along am I (gestational age)?
  4. Gestational age determines what type of abortion procedure a patient would be eligible to receive. Abortion procedures have different costs and side effects.
  5. Is it important to know if I have a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)?
  6. A woman with a common STI, such as chlamydia, if left untreated prior to pregnancy termination, puts her future reproductive health at risk due to increased risk of infection complications.


WFCMC provides medical services such as:

  • Pregnancy Testing
  • Ultrasound exams
  • Selected STI testing
  • Pregnancy options consultation
  • Personalized Resources List (PRL) providing a roadmap of community referrals and helpful information
  • Follow-up throughout the decision making process


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